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Certified Arborist

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Jacob's Professional Tree & Shrub Care Services


There are many types of pruning. Jacob's will be able to tell you which type is needed for each tree or shrub on your property. There are many photos of pruning in our portfolio.

Root Care
The health and development of a proper root system is vital to a plants longevity and appearance. A plants root system can encounter numerous problems, Jacob's will be able to help your plants root system thrive. See photos of root systems and complications that may occur in root systems.

Cabling or Bracing
Trees sometimes develop structural defects that cannot be corrected by pruning alone. There are times when other techniques such as installing cable support systems or brace rods are necessary to increase structural stability. Jacob's can determine if these techniques are needed for your trees structural stability. See photos of bracing in our portfolio.

Pest and Disease Management
Stressed plants can develop Disease and pest infestations. Jacob's can diagnose these problems and implement the most cost effective treatments.

Soil Analysis
Plants need the right soil type and conditions to thrive. Jacob's can take a soil sample and perform an analysis to determine why your plant may not be thriving in a certain location.

Root Collar Excavations
When young trees are planted to deep or improperly they develop trunk defects,girdling roots or loss of vitality. In extreme cases trees planted to deeply can develop vascular problems and eventually die. Mature trees can also sometimes be strangled by there own roots. Jacob's has the latest tools and techniques to correct these problems. See photos of root collar excavations in our portfolio.

Tree Fertilization
Over time mature trees can deplete there required nutrients in the area in which they are growing. Newly planted trees sometimes need extra nutrients to help them become established. Jacob's has the tools to apply specially formulated fertilizer designed to help your trees thrive.

Large Tree Restoration
Mature trees or large trees that have been neglected sometimes need special care. Jacob's offers and is up to date on the latest techniques to restore the health and beauty of these trees.

Tree and Tree Stump Removal
Sadly there are times when it is to late to save a declining tree or there are other factors that justify removing it . Occasionally a tree stump must be removed to free up the area for replanting or other options. Jacob's is experienced and highly qualified in the safe efficient removal of any tree in any location. Se photos of the stump of a Norway pine getting ground to leave no trace.

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Jacob's Professional Tree & Shrub Care

Jacob Weinerth
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Phone: (484) 547-9472

Phone: (484) 547-9472

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