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Testimonials To Jacob's Professional Tree & Shrub Care

Jeffrey, January 27, 2015

Remove deadwood, thin canopy, trim branches, reduce height and spread of 3 total trees. I was really impressed by the diligence of the work that was done.  It seemed so meticulous compared to anything that I could have done myself.  It is a truly professional service.  Proper safeguards were taken by all workers for themselves as well as the property.  The clean-up was magnificent as I had people over the same weekend without anyone being able to tell that a tree service was there the day before.  They performed such a great job, nothing looked out of place.  The biggest job was trimming/thinning a pear tree, which I was a bit apprehensive about as the tree appeared to be doing fairly well overall.  However, after the pruning job they did on that tree, it looks younger and less overbearing.  Pruning really is an art because I imagined the tree would appear unusual after a pruning, but you could barely tell unless you look closely.  The detail in pruning maintained the beauty of the tree but decreased the overall height and spread by 3-5 feet. I will definitely be using Jacob's tree service for other projects I have planned around my property.

— Allentown, PA 18104
Alexis, December 10, 2014

Removed dead limbs, thinned canopy and installed cables.

removed dead limbs over 2" thick.  carefully lowing pieces to the ground.  trimmed the ends of branches to thin canopy to prepare for winter.  installed 3 cables to support trunks which are lowering.  Will be good for several more years.

I asked if they would leave some firewood and he cut it up in pieces and piled it!  One man took the time to answer my questions about how long this would last (I've had them here before for this tree).  he explained everything they were doing -- professional -- safe -- clean -- courteous.  Jacob and his guys care about the trees and treat the owners with respect.  It's amazing to watch them work.  

— Bethlehem, PA 18018
Anastasia and Richard, September 22, 2014

Removed dead tree limbs

Prompted, professional, friendly.

— Easton, PA 18045
Chris, September 22, 2014

Jacob and his crew did a great job taking down our tree.  It was very large and quite the task.  The tree was taken down quickly and safely.  His stump grinder came just a few days later and ground the stump as well as the exposed branches.

A few weeks later we were set to begin a landscaping project for the yard.  While cleaning away the remaining grindings (some were left behind to fill the gaping hole in our lawn) in order to apply some soil and lime to help reclaim the ground for planting, I discovered some roots that still required some grinding.  These roots were missed by the stump grinder merely because our tree was so large, the grinding and shavings covered them, and not due to any bad service on his part.  I can't overstate the size of our ex-tree. I called Jacob to see if they could come back and take care of these roots and he had his stump grinder out the very next day!

We were very pleased with his service and would use again. In fact, once the ground fully recovers, we are considering planting another tree in the spring.  If we do, we'll certainly call Jacob.

— Bethlehem, PA 18018
Richard, August 26, 2014

I've used Jacob's Tree Service. I had them prune shrubs and trees.

They were very professional, very knowledgeable. They did everything I asked them. Actually, the property looked better after they left than when they arrived. The only thing, my wife was a little disappointed in the way they prune one tree, and that might have been a miscommunication between myself and them, but other than that they were great.

— Easton, PA 18040
Jim, June 18, 2014

Princess a large tree. They did a great job. They left the yard cleaner than they found it.

— Bethlehem, PA 18018
Carolynn, May 20, 2014

Removed a very large maple tree; trimmed three other large trees and two medium-sized ones; installed cables to shape a large horse chestnut; applied mulch around house to improve drainage; applied pest control for large birch tree; shaped about ten arbor vitae and installed cords to maintain shape.

Everything went well. Jacob's is not "cheap," but their quality is well worth the price. Their estimate was clear and complete, and they did the work within a very reasonable time frame. Jacob was very careful to keep us informed about changes in the schedule or unexpected issues he encountered. The stump clearing and other clean-up was excellent also.

— Bethlehem, PA 18017
Korry, May 02, 2014

Jacob and his team removed and ground out the stumps for 5 dead or nearly dead pine trees

I cannot say enough good things about Jacob's Professional Tree & Shrub Care. My wife and I have used Jacob several times for tree work at our rental home in Bethlehem, PA. We had researched many tree providers and kept hearing great things about Jacob. Without question, each time he has done work for us we have been very pleased with the ease of contacting Jacob, soliciting estimates, negotiating price, and most of all, we have been very pleased with the high quality of work his team has performed. You can tell that he is a true professional that loves trees and has a lot of experience working on them.

Most recently, we asked Jacob to remove five dead or nearly dead pine trees and to grind out the stumps. We told Jacob that our schedule was flexible and Jacob kept us informed of when his team would be on site despite delays brought about by the heavy winter this year. This was particularly helpful given that it is a rental home and we needed to communicate timelines and such with our tenant (which we did every time), particularly since we are out-of-state landlords. Ultimately, the work was done well and the site was cleaned up very nicely. This was confirmed by photos taken by my local contact for the property.

Unfortunately, my tenant wrote a review on 4/22/14 that is inaccurate in many ways, which Jacob addresses in his response. While I won't address the tenant's claims or speculate as to why he would say these things, I will say that I disagree strongly with his characterization of Jacob, his team, the quality of work, and his review in general. I'm hopeful that members will not judge Jacob by the review from my tenant as it is definitely not an accurate assessment of my experience as the owner of the property.

Without question, if I needed tree work done again, I would call just one number--Jacob's. The quality and value of the work is outstanding and you can rest easy knowing it will be done well the first time.

— Bethlehem, PA 18015
Elizabeth, April 28, 2014

I hired Jacob's Professional Tree Service in the summer of 2013 to advise me on two very tall walnut trees in my backyard. I wasn't sure if I should remove them or have them trimmed. Jacob recommended trimming them.

Prior to coming to work, Jacob met with me and told me which branches would be trimmed back. I knew exactly what he was planning to do. Jacob's team was very efficient in trimming the trees and removing all the branches and leaves from the ground. What sold me on Jacob's is they climb trees and don't need to rely on a lift truck. Since my backyard is very small and there is no way to bring in a truck, I was thrilled to find a company that would be able to trim these very tall trees. They did an excellent job and asked me if I was happy with the work. I suggested removing a few more branches and they were very willing to do as I asked. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again!

— Bethlehem, PA 18020
Raynald, April 12, 2014

Called Jacob's he came right out gave us an estimate on removing two stumps.  Jacob's the first person that we had called and gave us what we thought was a good price and that he would be here the next week, we hired him.  Jacob also explained to us that if we wanted to keep the grindings it would be $150.00 I told him that we would keep the grindings.

We had talked to Jacob on a Thursday  he had called the 1800 PA  number and the utility lines were painted on the lawn by Saturday and the job was completed on Wednesday.  It only took the the guy that came out to grind the stumps a total of 45 minutes from the time he arrived till the time he had left.  When he left you would not even know that he had been there except for the two mounds of dirt and chips.  He left the place cleaned and raked up. We would be more than happy to reuse and recommend him to anybody and we have already recommended him to someone else.

— Allentown, PA 18103
Robert, April 10, 2014

They removed several tall evergreens at rear of property.

This company provided top notch service. The cost was reasonable when compared to other local companies.

— Macungie, PA 18062
Tim, January 23, 2014

He removed dead and damaged wood from 8 large maples, a Japanese maple, and a Cherry. Additional trimming at no additional cost where necessary. Trimmed back three maples with branches over the house.

This job was a little more expensive than some of the other reviews here, so i think it should be a little longer too.

We recently moved into our home. Our trees were in need of some help after what appears to have been quite some time without it. We had many major broken limbs, and even lost a major limb in some wind before the job was complete. After calling to request an evaluation and quote, Jacob came out to see the property. He took the time to walk the property with me and identify problems. Jacob explained what work needed to be done, how it would be done, and why it was going to be done that way. After we finished, Jacob spent some more time on his own reviewing the work that would need to be done. This experience was the first sign that Jacob took significantly more care in developing quotes than other providers, as he was the only one who did this.

A quote was provided in a timely manner, however, it was significantly higher than other providers. I discussed the situation with Jacob. He offered to come back and review the job again, to come up with a more competitively priced quote. By adjusting the scope of the work to be performed, Jacob brought the job within a price we were comfortable with. After a few weeks wait time (which was typical for all quotes we received), Jacob's crew was out here. Workers showed up on time and were always professional. They were quick to fulfil specific requests for handling debris. The job required several days of effort. Though there were a few delays, these were because of inclement weather and diverting the crew for an emergency job. Even so, one of the days they were out here was pretty snowy.

Everything looked great when the work was done. Jacob met with me to walk over the property to review the work completed. A few extra items were done at no charge and few minor miscommunications were absorbed by Jacob’s. There were no unpleasant surprises.

Jacob was consistently quick to respond to questions and concerns. The work crew was professional and efficient, and performed great work. I appreciate Jacob’s focus on safety and quality work. About the price. Jacob himself points out that while he tries to provide competitive prices, ultimately he’s may be more expensive than some other companies. While their prices were higher, the quality of the work is excellent. Now, seeing the completed job, I’d absolutely agree, while you may pay more, the value of the work provided is clearly excellent.

I’m very happy with the result.

— Easton, PA 18045
Bill, December 17, 2013

He trimmed and shaped four (4) trees in front of house and also trimmed and shaped shrubbery next to front steps.

He stated that he would be here around 8:30 a.m. and was here at 8:30.  Before he started he asked if I wanted to move my SUV from the garage because his bucket truck would be blocking my access.  I declined.  He went over the job with me one more time before starting and then went to work.  When he was finished he cleaned up all the debris, used a blower to clean off the driveway and sidewalks.  He even cleaned the street where the chipper was operating.  Compared to the last tree service I had utilized, he is far superior in both work done and clean up.  I will be using him again in late March, 2014 to do similar work on the trees in my back yard.

— Macungie, PA 18062
Donald, November 11, 2013

Jacob trimmed a tree immediately adjacent to our house. This involved considerable intricate work in view of power lines and proximity to our house and the fence with our neighbor.

Jacob is by far the best to tree trimmer/pruner that I have ever had. He was extremely polite, considerate and consultative throughout the entire process. He listened in detail to what I wanted done, then part-way through the project, again consulted with me regarding finer details. He is extremely professional and competent.

— Bethlehem, PA
Robert, October 27, 2013

Trimmed 4 trees; height, shape and limb removal. On 2 other trees fixed roots via aeration.

Great work. Were on time, professional, introduced themselves and did a quick, efficient job. Cleaned up site better than when they started

— Macungie, PA
Brian, September 05, 2013

Jacob and his crew did selective pruning to three large trees.

To say the least, all the work was done extremely well.  The white pine required a bucket truck, and Charley, who performed the pruning, was able to weave all through this huge tree and expertly remove dead and storm-damaged limbs.  It now looks much better and is safer.  Jacob, himself, pruned the two maples.  He contended with a hornets nest in one and in the other tree, which hung over a barn, he thoroughly removed all the limbs that I hoped would be taken down.  Having had tree work performed many times, I know that some would not have done such a careful job.  The crew then cleaned up every bit of the debris.  All in all, I was very satisfied with Jacob's efforts and impressed by his professionalism and attention to detail.

— Emmaus, PA
Mark, May 15, 2013

Removed shrubs and trees from around the house, ground all stumps left behind.

I called 3 companies (all were on Angie's list).  One called back a week later, one never called back, Jacob called back the next day.  I had an estimate two days later and the work was performed about a week later.  The day the stumps were ground one was missed, I e-mailed Jacob and the stump was gone the next day.  Very professional, I will use for all future tree pruning and maintenance.

— Allentown, PA
Rick, May 07, 2013

Provided a professional and timely tree service. Excellent service.

— Allentown, PA
Heather, May 05, 2013

Tree and stump removal.

Jacob was very punctual & professional....did the tree removal himself & had someone else grind the stump a few days later....left NO debris when they were done...have already recommended him to the neighbors!

— Easton, PA
Susan, April 29, 2013

We were very pleased.  All the trees on our property were pruned .  Everything was cleaned up and it all looked great and you would never know they had come.  I believe that the pruning help safe all our trees from Sandy which came in the fall. We also had our christmas trees sprayed as they were getting sparce and were loosing needles.  All in all it was a very good experience.

They arrived on the day they said they were coming.  Everything was done in an orderly manner.  The clean up went smoothly and the trees looked beautiful. They had plenty of help and were done on the same day.

— Bangor, PA
Jeremy, April 19, 2013

We had at 70 ft. Norway Spruce removed. (major operation)

Very satisfied from start to finish.  Highly professional, Will continue to recommend to others. This job was technical and required a trained and experience professional.  The company was excellent to deal with.

— Bethlehem, PA
Erik, April 18, 2013

Pruned eight trees, seven of which were street trees

Great service from start to finish. Received a detailed, itemized estimate describing plan for each individual tree (and choice of options where they applied). Jacob scheduled times to come out shortly after I sent back the contract and he and his team worked quickly to get the job done. We have huge trees and I was amazed at the size and quantity of deadwood that they were able to remove. And they cleaned up everything, including our sidewalks afterwards. Really impressed by the service.

— Bethlehem, PA
Alexis, April 10, 2013

Jacob managed a VERY large boxelder tree in my back yard. Several large dead leads had to be removed and lots of dead wood from remaining trunks and branches.

I have a row-home, so it was a narrow work area, and some work was done over other's properties. They removed several very large limbs and cleared dead wood from the remaining areas. They had to work around fences, garages, powerlines and cables that run to several houses. They cleaned up everything. Jacob took the time to explain what needed to be done and left the decisions up to me. I wasn't able to stay home to watch the work being done, but my neighbors report to me. Everyone is pleased.

— Bethlehem, PA
Stan, March 03, 2013

Jacob pruned several red maple, cherry and white pine trees that had not been shaped and trimmed for several years.

I contacted Jacob's Professional Tree and Shrub Care for an estimate to prune and shape several large trees. He contacted me within a day to provide him with some details on what I needed to have done. He then visited my home and inspected all of my trees and provided recommendations and a detailed estimate for the work that needed to be completed.  I found Jacob to be very professional and knowledgeable. I thought his price was fair and authorized him to perform the work.  He arrived within a week to complete the work.  I was very satisfied with the exceptional job he did. He was very attentive to detail, cleaned up very thoroughly and best of all, the trees look great. I plan to have him back to do some additional work in the future and would highly recommend his company.

— Allentown, PA
Anthen, January 23, 2013

They were professional and punctual.  The quality of their work was very good.

They arrived on time; cut the tree; removed it and later sent a grinder to get rid of the stump.

— Easton, PA
Randall, January 22, 2013

We had Jacob's come out to chop up a tree and grind up the stump after we lost the tree in hurricane Sandy.

They cut up the sections of the trunk that were left over. We cut up as much as we could but it got too thick. They cut up the thick trunk and they ground up the remaining. They hauled away all of their pieces. They ground up the stump. They did everything exactly as we asked them to. They were prompt in responding to our request for an estimate. Their estimate was very reasonable, which is why we chose them. They did everything exactly like they said they would. We are real happy with their service.

— Macungie, PA
David, November 07, 2012

Removed two holly bushes, two dogwood trees, grind stumps on all, trimed large evergreen

Quote was competitive ... provided certificates of insurance ... work done timely ... worksite was cleaned up after work completed. Highly recommend.

— Macungie, PA
Yesim, November 01, 2012

Tree removal and clean-up of brush- The job was scheduled promptly, Jacob came and performed the work efficiently, and he did an excellent job.

— Allentown, PA
Marilyn, July 27, 2012

I had some trees that were damaged during the October 2011 snowstorm. I contacted Jacob's because he was one of the highest rated tree businesses on Angie's List. He answered the phone on my first try.  We discussed his coming out to see the trees. He arrived and checked four trees. He explained what he would do to "fix" my trees. Two of them needed "structural pruning", removing deadwood and thinning the crown to encourage the development of the proper tree structure.  My other two trees needed a little more work.  Both needed to be reduced  and shaped to promote natural appearance. Remove deadwood and storm damaged branches.  Elevate lower branches . None of my trees had to be taken out.  He gave me an estimate which was better than I expected. I agreed to have him do the work.

Jacob and two other men arrived at 8:30am and worked til 12:30pm. It was a very hot and humid day, and it even rained off and on during the morning. Jacob and the men worked straight through til 12:30pm. My trees never looked so good. I was very pleased with the work.  He explained that my trees will not need to be trimmed/pruned, etc. for several years. We also discussed my trees "filling in" the empty spaces.  I would definitely call him again. I will definitely recommend him to others. He was very polite, informative, and answered all my questions.

How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on
How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money's worth
How far in advance did you schedule the work? more than 2 weeks
Did you find the company through Angie's List? yes
If yes, which source(s)? website
Why did you choose this contractor? reputation, Jacob's was highly rated on Angie's List.
Have you used this company before? this is the first time I've used this company
What did you like most about this contractor? He was informative, gave me an estimate, answered my questions. He did a terrific job. His estimate was right on.
What did you like least about this contractor? I have nothing negative to say about Jacob's.
What surprises came up during the course of the work? The only thing that surprised me was that it was a very hot and humid day. It rained off and on during the time he was working. He worked non-stop from the time he arrived til he was finished the job.
What words of advice would you give other members considering this contractor? I highly recommend him.
What words of advice would you give this contractor? No words of advice. Just: Thank you. You made my trees beautiful again.

— Allentown, PA
Deborah, July 24, 2012

A trees' storm-damaged branches were trimmed off, as well some other dead branches.  This is a huge red maple which had 3 or 4 medium-sized broken limbs that were just hanging there dead, broken by the weight of heavy snow in the fall.  These branches were too high up in the tree for us to trim ourselves.  The service we received was excellent.  Our serviceman  trimmed off all the broken branches, plus removed other dead branches on the tree.  All our questions were patiently answered and he even trimmed a small dogwood tree under the maple that was damaged by a falling branch.  Everything was cut up and mulched and our yard was left tidy. All went very well overall.

— Allentown, PA
Rick, July 20, 2012

Arrived when specified completed work and clean area. He was the only service to correctly identify the tree and the problem (disease) it had, He explained how they were going to prune the tree and why.

— Allentown, PA
Clare, June 04, 2012

Jacob's service evaluated the damage to our trees due to the freak ice/snow storm in October 2011, gave us feasible options to maintain safe conditions, and performed the services.  Many hanging branches were removed from within the trees, many branches were removed from the ground and hauled away, and many large broken branches needed to be cut and trimmed.

As a result of the freak snow/ice "storm " in October 2011, our few tress were severely damaged and our backyard looked like a jungle. It was difficult to get a reputable tree service company to come to give us a reasonable estimate and work with us to do the important portion of the job immediately (safety first!), and save the rest of the job for another time. Jacob's came to evaluate the situation within 24 hours and we thoroughly discussed the options. Jacob's came to complete the agreed upon within the week, and did a great job!

— Emmaus, PA
Charles, April 26, 2012

Jacob and his team removed and cleared out many bushes and small trees from around my house and detached garage. They also removed many dead and low hanging branches from a large English Walnut tree in my back yard.

The work they did was professional and they did a fantastic job cleaning up afterwards. I would use their services again and highly recommend them to friends and neighbors!  Great job Jacob

— Allentown, PA
Sandra, April 21, 2012

He trimmed my mother's very large tree in her back yard. They were professional, reasonable, considerate, and did a incredible job. I am very pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone.

— Allentown, PA
Matthew, March 28, 2012

I had about 15 arborvitaes that where grossly over grown and extremely high. Jacob came out and performed the work in about 4 hours and they looked great.

His estimate where comparable to others and also below a few other companies. The lowest one I got was 400.00 and the highest was 6 850.00.

— Bethlehem, PA
Leslie, March 08, 2012

Damage to trees from snow storm in October, 2011.

We had gotten several estimates for the trees in our yard damaged by the storm.  His estimate was about the same as the others, but I did not feel comfortable with the other companies.  Jacob was nice and very professional.  He and his team were at our house all day and did a great job.  I would use them again.

— Center Valley
Margaret, February 21, 2012

They did several trees due to bad weather, a snow storm and hurricane.

They did great and get straight A's.  I will use them again in the future.

— Allentown, PA
Virginia, February 05, 2012

Jacob took down a clump birch tree, removed and ground stump, pruned and cabled a large maple tree.

I called Jacob in November, after a devastating snow storm  that damaged many trees, so I didn't expect him to come soon, though he did come within two weeks to give me an estimate.  He didn't actually do the work until late January, which was okay with me, as there was no urgency.  He did the work in one day except for the stump, which was removed in about 10 days.  Everything was satisfactory.  He was very pleasant to deal with and eager to please.  I would certainly hire him again.  I did not get another estimate, as he was highly recommended on Angie's List.

— Wescosville, PA
Charles, January 09, 2012

He performed tree trimming work. It was a positive experience.  They provided good service.  The price was good.

— Gretna, LA 70056
Carol, December 27, 2011

The early snowstorm broke a huge branch from our neighbor's maple tree, a branch which was hanging by a narrow strip of wood, suspended in the air above our parking spaces, and leaning on the other end on wires and the telephone pole. Jacob and his crew managed to rig pulleys that prevented the branch from smashing our back fence once it was cut loose from the tree. They carefully cut the branches away from the wires. They also cut the wood into nice-sized pieces that we could load into our truck and take to a friend who has a wood-burning furnace.

It went very well. Jacob was here for the estimate within two days of my calling--and he came on a Saturday. They were scheduled to come on the following Tuesday. That day rain was forecast for the afternoon, but they had finished their morning job early, so he called and asked if they could come early to avoid the rain. They came early and finished before the rain started. All in all, it was a very good experience.

— Allentown, PA
Susan, November 30, 2011

Jacob removed damaged branches (from the unexpected October snow storm) and structurally pruned the tree.

Jacob came out to give an estimate for "fixing" my damaged tree. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He apologized that he couldn't get to the job right away but had a heavy schedule due to the October snowstorm and all of his repeat customers. I had absolutely no problem with that. He was actually out to do the work a week and a half later (and that time included a holiday and two weekends) - I thought this was more than acceptable. Jacob left a note letting me know exactly what work was completed as I was not home when he came. The tree looked better than I expected when the work was complete. I would not hesitate to hire Jacob again for any tree work that I need done.

— Bethlehem, PA
Robert, November 22, 2011

Jacob's completely removed a large tree the trunk of which was within a few inches of the eave of a small barn roof. He chipped the small limbs/branches and left the rest for me cut into 18" lengths as I wanted.

The wet weather and my soggy yard caused a delay since Jacob's was concerned about causing damage to my lawn. Once the ground dried out the job was done. This was a very tight spot and they didn't even get leaves on the barn roof.

— Coopersburg, PA
Dan, October 14, 2011

Jacob is a skilled, professional arborist. He performed the work as promised and his price was reasonable. He removed one large spruce tree and trimmed another tree that was heavily damaged by severe winds. The tree that was damaged by wind was trimmed in such an artful and thoughtful manner that the overall result was fantastic.... beyond my expectations. All of Jacob's work was accomplished in a timely manner.  I would recommend Jacob without hesitation - he is expert at his trade and accomplished in his craft.

A very satisfactory experience from start to finish. I highly recommend Jacob's Tree Service.

— Fogelsville, PA
Joan, October 07, 2011

Removal of two large pine trees- Thinning out and shaping of a third pine tree-

Jacob's promptly responded for an estimate for removing two large pine trees,thinning out and trimming a third large pine tree and trimming and spraying a fourth pine tree. A detailed, itemized estimate was left the same day, allowing flexibility as to the services and their individual cost.. We opted for the removal and trimming of the trees with the spraying of the fourth tree to be done in spring.Jacob's was professional and knowledgeable throughout the process.Service was scheduled in a reasonable time. All work met our expectations. The crew skillfully removed branches from between numerous wires and left the area in excellent condition including the back alley which the neighbors greatly appreciated. Jacob's did not remove the stumps of the trees but recommended another service that we used with great satisfaction. We would highly recommend Jacob's and we will be using them again.

— Allentown, PA
Spencer, July 05, 2011

Two large oak trees had dead limbs removed from their upper branches.  Four trees were felled, delimbed and parts of the tree suitable for firewood were cut to length and stacked near the tree stump.  Stumps were cut very close to the ground. Care was taken not to have ay damage to nearby trees or property under the trees.  All twigs, leaves, wood chips, etc. where cleaned up after the work on each tree was completed.

Jacob is an experienced arborist and he only recommended work to be performed that required immediate care as opposed to other vendors who tried to "recommend" additional work.

We needed this work to be completed as soon as it could be scheduled after we approved the quotation.  Jacob actually completed it about one week prior to his original completion date.  All the work that was performed was very carefully done and every safety precaution for the workers and our property was very professional.  Jacob made some on the job suggestions in addition to the work originally proposed and they were very helpful.  Jacob respects the trees he works on and his work reflects the care that he takes with each cut that is made.

After the all day job was completed, other than the firewood which he had cut and the tree stumps, you would not have known that any complicated tree limb cutting and felling had been performed.

— Macungie, PA
Robert, May 11, 2011

Removal of one maple tree which had some dead limbs, and grinding of the remnant stump.

Jacob was a pleasure to work with.  He provided an estimate within one day of my phone call.  His price was extremely reasonable to remove a tree in my yard and have the stump ground down.  He provided options that I had not considered.  My only concern was that I waited a few weeks after submitting the contract, but had not heard back to schedule.  It would have been beneficial to know a time frame to expect when to hear from him.  After contacting him, he was at my house within the following week.  You can barely tell a tree was in the yard.  They left the yard spotless.  I would recommend his services to anyone in the area looking to perform any tree care; he spoke with such knowledge of his field.

— Allentown, PA
Suzanne, April 25, 2011

We hired Jacob to perform quite a bit of tree work in our yard, including trimming some very large trees, supporting/banding some trees, and removing a medium-sized tree.

Jacob was extremely courteous, friendly, and professional.  He is clearly an expert at what he does and takes his work seriously.  He showed up on time and as promised, performed the work as promised, and left the yard as clean (or cleaner) than he found it.  His prices are a bit higher than average (hence our B rating) but they are entirely reasonable and worth paying.  (If the category were "value for money" rather than "price" I would give an A.)  I will use Jacob in the future and highly recommend him.

— Bethlehem, PA
James, March 26, 2011

Extensive pruning of two street-side ornamental Pear trees and 3 smaller trees on my property.

Jacob is highly professional and knowledgeable. He and his assistant showed up on-time, were thorough and meticulous throughout the entire process. A near spotless clean-up was included. My trees look fantastic. I highly recommend using this caring, owner-operated service over any big high-volume tree service.

— Bethlehem, PA
Mike, February 21, 2011

Extensive pruning of two street-side ornamental Pear trees and 3 smaller trees on my property.

Jacob is highly professional and knowledgeable. He and his assistant showed up on-time, were thorough and meticulous throughout the entire process. A near spotless clean-up was included. My trees look fantastic. I highly recommend using this caring, owner-operated service over any big high-volume tree service.

— Bethlehem, PA
Mike, February 21, 2011

Prune and wire trees remove trees and stumps plant new trees fertilize trees

We have hired Jacob four times, once to trim and wire our pare trees that keep loosing limbs. Once to remove a dead pine tree and stump, once to remove a fallen tree after a severe storm, and once to plant two new trees to replace those that were removed. Jacob is very knowledgeable and we highly recommend him. We will definitely call him again in the future.

— Bethlehem, PA
Jenn, January 19, 2011

We had 11 good-sized trees (10 year old house) evaluated for health, pruned and also had Jacob do root-collar excavations to ensure proper health of tree. There were also two trees that needed extra support (braces and cables) to allow the tree to continue to thrive for many years to come.

Jacob's sign reads, "Pruning is an Art." After watching him in action, I understand why. He really knows and loves trees and is passionate about the proper care and appropriate growth of the trees. He gave me a bid which seemed high at the time compared to another firm but it was definately not apples to apples. THe other firm I'd contacted had not narrowed in on some of the underlying problems which sent me looking for a tree specialist. His proposal for root-collar excavation seemed over-the-top but after listening to his explanation (and realizing why a few of our trees had died and were showing signs of weakness) and that of Lehigh Valley Extension professionals (I did some research) it did make sense. Our trees were planted when the housing development was built and the planters hadn't necessarily planted the trees at the proper depth, covering the root collar (which I've learned is REALLY bad for the trees); of course, many years of mulching to make the landscape look better was further harming the trees. There were also a few trees that needed some support braces and cables to help the trees continue growing to their full potential and beauty. Jacob and his helper were hard-working gentlemen. Jacob shared his knowledge and love of the trees as he was working. He was very methodical and careful and was up in the trees working hard to perfect his craft. The trees looked great after he was done and the root-collar excavation opened my eyes to see how much trouble some of my trees were in--the landscaping looks better now and I know how to maintain them better. The debris was all cleaned up and collected and I recommended him to my neighbor (who is an avid gardener and mad about her trees too). We were both very pleased with his work and expertise. I can't wait till Spring to see what a difference it makes!

— Center Valley, PA
Mary, September 27, 2010

Jacob trimmed 4 large trees plus ground down 12 stumps from old bushes

Jacob visited for an estimate, did a thorough analysis of the property and then wrote up a detailed, itemized proposal before he left that day. His price was very favorable compared to other estimates I had gotten. I hired him, he gave me a date a couple of weeks out. He showed up on 9/22 to trim the trees and on 9/24 to grind the stumps. In both jobs he exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended him to a friend of mine and will hire him again in the future.

— Allentown, PA
Beverly, August 05, 2010

Team was very efficient. Did their work well - didn't waste time.

Courteous, cleaned up well, reasonable rate compared to other estimates.

— Bethlehem, PA
Alida, June 22, 2010

Removed two trees and stumps. Trimmed additional tree.

Courteous and responsive to phone call.

— Bethlehem, PA
Barbara, June 15, 2010

They elevated the branch level on one tree over the barn, and reduced on large tree over the house.

Jacob did a great job! He was on time, and had a good price. He cleaned everything when he was finished.

— Breinigsville, PA
Gary, June 15, 2010

Three pine trees next to the house were removed, and one tree over the pond was also removed.

— Bethlehem, PA
Chris, June 13, 2010

Tree trimming.

When we called Jacob to come out and have a look at the two trees we needed trimmed, he arrived that night about 6:45 PM, after his day shift to see what we needed and put together a proposal. I received that the next day via email and we agreed that since we were in a hurry he would come out that Sunday to do the work. Yes, I said Sunday. Jacob's work was excellent; fast, professional, exactly as described. He came to get me to make sure I was happy with what was being done. He even took down a small Mulberry tree for just a bit more and offered a bit a free advise on my hedgerow to boot. We are very happy with the work they did and when we have more work to be done, he will be back.

— Allentown, PA
Joseph, January 22, 2010

Tree take down.

— Quakertown, PA
Kerry, September 19, 2008

He came and trimmed several trees in my yard for me.

It went very well. He was very knowledgeable about trees and trunk care. He was an arborist, and he did a very good job. He cleaned up after himself, and his pricing was very good.

— Hershey, PA

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